Undergraduate Contest Winners


Awards will be distributed on April 26th at 4:00 pm prior to the Rumowicz Lecture at Beaupre Center Room 105

First Place: Johnny Donnelly, “Death from Both Sides of the Shore: ‘The Shipwreck’ and ‘The Highland Light’”

Second Place: Kelsey Severa, “The Relativity of the Sea”

Third Place: Joyce Leigh, “Fancy”


First Place:  Zachary Julian Lussier “Voyages On, and Of, the Sea: Fathoming Poe’s ‘MS. Found in a Bottle”’

Second Place: Casey Kelly “The (White) Elephant in the Room”

Third Place (tie): Elizabeth Farnsworth “The Death of the World’s Coral Reefs: A Narrative”  &

Grace Lally “The Layers of the Rose”


First Prize Winner: Emilee Kilburn — “Realizing the Art of Reading in Moby Dick”

Second Prize Winner: Tyler Alexander Contento — “Aquaculture: The Industry of the Future”

Third Prize Winner: Nida Islam — “Contradictions in Olaudah Equaino’s Argument Against Slavery”


First Prize:  Timothy A. Morgan, Jr.  —  “Humanity: A Fish Out of Water”

Second Prize: Jessica Havas – “Micro Plastics, Macro Problem”

Third Prize (tie): Brianna Resto — “The Man, the Myth and the Legend: Richard Parker and the Sea”
Third Prize (tie): Jamie Schicho — “March Moby Madness”

First Prize:  Samuel Simas – “Sailing in Pursuit of the Divine”

Second Prize:  Nick Jouett – “A Population Study of the Asian Shore Crab”

Third Prize:  Morgan Breene – “Living as the Edge of the Sea”


Two First Prize Winners:  Sofia Alvosius – “The Whiteness of the Whale”


                                                 Mary Vidal – “Buzzard’s Bay”


First Prize:  Emma Sconyers – “There She Blows”

Two Second Prize Winners:  Nicholas Jouett – “Bacterial Composition between Brine Pools in the Red Sea”  &  Jaime Pierce – “Ishmael’s Pursuit of Masculine Identity; Homosocial Brotherhood in Moby Dick”


First Prize:  Samuel Levine – “Amphibiography”

Second Prize:  Sheana Livingstone – “Marginal Madness”

Third Prize:  Jessica Watson – “Fenced in by Earth”


None awarded


First Prize:  Patrick L. Padillia – “Where the Ocean is Still Wild”

Second Prize: Shannon Marks – “The Creature in its Own World: The Poetics of Environmentalism”

Two Third Prize Winners:  Brian Klotz – “Holy Water: Divine Rhetoric and the Sea in Whitman’s ‘As I Ebb’d with the Ocean Life” & Nicholas Perry – “Privateers and the American Revolution”


First Place: Mary Smith – “Ahab’s Seal”

Second Place: Stephen Neves – “The Siren’s Song: The Lure of the the Sea within Kate Chopin’s The Awakening”

Third Place: Tyson Bottenus – “Locked to the Sea: A Historical Look at Coastal Whaling”


First Place:  Brian Forsberg – “Navigating The Gothic Aesthetic in Thoereau’s Cape Cod”

Second Place:  Miranda O’Hayer – “Seasonal Labor”

Third Place:  Laura Killingbeck – “Three Days at Sea”


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