Maritime Essay Contest

An annual competition open to undergraduates at the University of Rhode Island

2018_Rumowicz_Contest Details

The Edmund S. and Nathalie Rumowicz Undergraduate Maritime Essay Contest encourages undergraduates from all disciplinary backgrounds to submit work that explores and expands our understanding of the subject of the sea.  Entries should attempt to engage as diverse an audience as possible, yet approaches may range from creative non-fiction to scholarly research. Each submission will be assessed according to its specific rhetorical goals; generally, however, judges will consider clarity of expression, strength of argument, and distinctness of style.  Essays crossing traditional models of maritime study and promoting ongoing interaction between different disciplines in the sciences and the humanities are welcome.

FORMAT:   The essay should be typed, double-spaced, and include an original title and all necessary documentation of sources.  We recommend it be 5 to 30 pages in length.  Along with the essay, please submit a title page including the contest name, essay title, the author’s full name, URI student ID number, email address, phone number, and whether the essay has been previously submitted in a course or seminar.  All pages should be numbered, but the name of the author should not appear in the body of the essay.

DEADLINE:  The essays are due by Friday, March 23, 2017, before 3:00 PM.  Submit one PDF file with title page followed by the essay  Please email all inquiries to Professor Martha Elena Rojas at

ELIGIBILITY:  The contest is open to any enrolled undergraduate at URI.

RIGHTS:  The Department of English at the University of Rhode Island reserves the rights to publication of any essay submitted in the contest.


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