In 1993, Edmund S. and Nathalie Rumowicz founded and endowed the Seminar and Lecture Series in Literature and the Sea. Since then Henry H. (Harry) Anderson has also generously contributed to the endowment fund that ensures that Undergraduates at the University of Rhode Island have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the literature and culture of the sea.

In Memoriam: Edmund S. Rumowicz

Nathalie Gillis Rumowicz

Of Scottish heritage Nathalie was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and educated at the Sorbonne in Paris, France. Upon her return from France in the late seventies she immigrated to Miami, Florida. In Miami she was employed as the Showroom Manager by the French home furnishing textile firm, Brunswick & Fils. In the early eighties she moved to Japan to study the art of Japanese textiles. Upon her return to Miami she established a successful international travel service business. Upon the decline in the travel industry she started a new career. She obtained a BA degree from Florida Atlantic University and a Masters Degree in Education from Nova Southeastern University. She currently is a language arts teacher at Seminole Middle School in Broward County, Florida. In addition to teaching she volunteers with a non-­profit organization in Davie, Florida using her skills as a former decorator in the rehabilitation of low-­end housing. She resides in Hollywood, Florida with husband, Edmund.

Henry Hill “Harry” Anderson, Jr. “In his quiet, unassuming, and persuasive way, Commodore Harry Anderson, Jr. has been the most influential presence in international sailing for the past fifty years.” — Roger Vaughan, The Strenuous Life of Harry Anderson.

Born in 1922, Anderson was raised in Roslyn, New York.  As a boy, he attended the Adirondack-Florida school and then Phillip Academy.  He then continued to study at Yale University and Columbia Law School.  Anderson is impassioned not only by the sport of sailing but also by the potential of sharing his passion with students.  He encourages and supports numerous programs that benefit and sustain the pursuit of sailing and oceanic studies.

Martha Elena Rojas

Martha Elena Rojas is Director of the Edmund S. and Nathalie Rumowicz Seminar and Lecture Series in Literature and the Sea and Associate Professor of English at the University of Rhode Island.  Her research and teaching interests are in early American literary history and culture as well as maritime and oceanic literary studies. With Steve Mentz, She has edited, The Sea and Nineteenth-Century Anglophone Literary Culture (Routledge, 2017).  She teaches ENG 396, the annual Seminar in Literature and the Sea.


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